ISO8573-1 (BS EN 12021:2014 Respiratory protective devices) is the international standard for compressed air purity (quality). Introduced in 1991 and now in its third edition, the standard is used extensively to define the quality of compressed air used for a variety of applications in all manner of manufacturing industries.

The standard is split into three test categories: Solid Particulate (ISO8573-4); Water (ISO8573-3) and Oil (ISO8573-2) with each having defined limit classifications of contamination (apart from class 0).

IATT has years of testing experience within all types of industries from pharmaceuticals to car repair spray shops and food manufactures to biogas farms.

We can test your compressed air, compressed nitrogen or compressed oxygen to ISO8573-1, plus clean room atmosphere particle testing and oxygen atmosphere testing.

All our test equipment is fully calibrated and certified to the manufacture’s standards.

A full test report will indicate all the readings taken (compressed gas pressure; ambient temperature; system pressure; oil mist; carbon monoxide; water vapour; dewpoint; oxygen; odour and particulate) and is issued for each test point. The report will cross-reference all the calibrated test equipment serial numbers with the relevant calibration test certificates.

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