Micro Testing of Compressed Air ISO 8573-7 should be conducted by the pharmaceutical, medical equipment and food industries.

Microbial contaminants found in the compressor or compressed air lines can be devastating to a final product in these industries. A regular Bacteria Testing programme can provide insight into a potential problem long before it brings production to a halt.

Bacteria can spoil products, consume the nutrients or alter the flavour of medications regardless of their form. Identifying bacterial contamination is the best way to pinpoint the source and therefore find a way to eliminate.

Yeast and Mould – Despite yeasts’ many productive uses, unwanted contamination or an overgrowth of the microorganism can be detrimental to manufacturing processes and harmful to products. Mould contamination can pose a serious problem if left untreated, either in piping systems or structurally. Inhaling or touching mould, or mould spores, may cause reactions for sensitive individuals.

The samples that we take are analysed by an independent laboratory and full results can be sent directly to our customer if required.

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