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A New Way to Maintain Your Compressed Air Treatment System

At the heart of most manufacturing and industrial processes lies the ‘forgotten world’ of compressed air and gas technology. These vital utilities are utilised constantly in your business but are often overlooked when it comes to maintenance routines.

When Your compressed air treatment or onsite nitrogen gas generator plant fails, Your production stops. What You want is a solution there and then.

This is when IATT steps in to solve Your problems.

Here at Independent Air Treatment Technology Ltd we want to be of service to you, not just when we want to but when you want us to. We know the horror stories that our ever growing customer base tell us about – we are not like that, we care and our people care.

IATT supplies, installs and services Compressed Air Treatment Systems using our dedicated team of factory trained engineers strategically located throughout the UK.

IATT always provides a service that is efficient, effective, economical and equitable – we call it e4.

you might think this is revolutionary – to us at IATT it’s standard with the added ingredient…

  • efficient – effective without wasting time, effort or expense.
  • effective – producing an intended result to ensure your plant is ready for operation.
  • economical – using the minimum time or resources necessary at a cost effective price.
  • equitable – fair to all parties as determined by reason and conscience.

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