When Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) systems are employed in the packaging of medical devices, the costs of using bottled nitrogen are significant – IATT Nitrogen Generators offer a less expensive, safe and environmentally sound solution compared to traditional gas tank or cylinder storage.

When medical supplies and devices such as test kits, drug supplies, instruments and containers are made their sterility must be ensured when packaged. This level of integrity must also be maintained throughout their storage, transportation from suppliers to users and while subsequently stored at an office, hospital, clinic or laboratory until they are required for use. This is especially true for perishable media that must be preserved in its freshest condition. The use of inert nitrogen in the packaging process provides an ideal medium for Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) and Controlled Atmosphere (CA) when reduced/no oxygen packaging of medical devices is needed.

Benefits of Onsite Nitrogen Gas Generation
The benefits of using onsite Nitrogen Generators include: reliability – nitrogen generators are efficient and operate automatically, they provide high purity nitrogen, an inert gas, when needed at the point of use. Compared to using shipped in gas bottles or tanker deliveries there are economies to be made in running costs, onsite Nitrogen Generators can offer savings of up to 80%. Because of the low running costs and no vendor price increases or contracts to handle the user controls costs and with a rapid payback such onsite systems are the ideal solution.

There is also the benefit of safe working and improved work area space as no hazardous high pressure gas cylinders, tanks or storage areas are needed. With a constant supply of nitrogen there is no downtime with onsite Nitrogen Generators.

Onsite Nitrogen Gas Generation Systems
IATT Nitrogen Generators are available for small lab based systems, medium size applications to large plant systems offering low, medium and high flow capabilities. The equipment is designed and built to a very high quality and enables integration into existing plant and manufacturing locations. Fitted with integral filtration, control and instrumentation the equipment offers a completely self contained system for the onsite generation of high purity nitrogen.

With the expertise of IATT as a Solutions Provider for onsite nitrogen gas generation plant the company handle project needs from initial concepts and design to complete turnkey installations with ongoing service and support.