IATT are Sole UK Distributors for the OMI range of compressed air refrigeration dryers. If you have one of these dryers installed on your site and would like parts, spares, servicing and maintenance, we can help by offering Dryer Spares, Servicing and Maintenance throughout the UK, England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland..

OMI Energy Saving Dryers

OMI ESD Series – Energy Saving Dryers
The Energy Saving dryers series. Thanks to the innovative and patented three-circuit heat exchanger (refrigerant, glycol and compressed air), the ESD dryers save energy effectively from 0 to 100% load allowing a reduction in operating costs.

Particularly suitable for all applications that require a partial load or intermittent use of compressed air. The dryer is equipped with an additional feature of the display that allows to view and verify the current and historical savings. The new electronic control board also includes a second probe dedicated to the glycol control to ensure maximum efficiency avoiding freezing problems. The variable speed fan control allows to achieve maximum performance in all conditions of load and ambient.

OMI Easy Dry Premium

OMI ED Series – Easy Dry Line
The ED Series – Easy Dry Line range of refrigeration air dryers has been designed to maximize efficiency and reliability. All models are equipped with a high efficiency heat exchanger including an integrated condensate separator. The above mentioned heat exchangers, completely designed and developed in the OMI labs, are capable of achieving the highest levels of performance, required from the market, together with a very low pressure drop rate.

Thanks to OMI patented solution, the programmable control board will adjust the fan speed according to the load, in order to guarantee, under any working conditions, a constant and high level performance.Every unit is equipped with a wide range of adjustable settings and alarm outputs such as: high dew point temperature, anti freezing alarm and fault probe.

ED series dryers are all equipped with a programmable electronic condensate discharger, suitable for working with high efficiency in all kind of conditions.

OMI Easy Dry Water

OMI ED Series – Water cooled dryers
Shell and tube water condensers will guarantee extremely low pressure drop on water side circuits and require little or no maintenance. Essential for those applications where cool air flow is not achievable.

OMI Dolomite Dryers

OMI DD Series
A range of compressed air dryers with a renewed design and innovative technology solutions to optimize performance and to obtain a simplified and more efficient management. The electronic controller and the user friendly interface has been simplified, maintaining the essential functions of operation and regulation, including the unique “fan control”. Simplicity, reliability and extraordinary value for money are the strong points of this new family of units.

OMI Easy Dry High Pressure

OMI Easy Dry 40 bar Series
Special range of high pressure dryers, for working pressure conditions up to 40 bar: dimensions and performance are equivalent to the standard versions. All the components and safety devices are properly sized to ensure the highest safety and reliability.

OMI High Temperature Dryers

High-temperature inlet air dryer (up to 82°C). These special dryers include an aftercooler and a filter/ceramic separator. In this way we achieve remarkable space saving and lower the overall pressure drop, without mentioning the time saving for the assembly. A single condensate drain is used for the entire package.

OMI Dryer Spares, Servicing and Maintenance

IATT supply, install and service OMI Compressed Air Refrigeration Dryers using our dedicated team of factory trained engineers strategically located throughout the UK, England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. We also Supply, Install and Service OMI Dryers and all other makes of Refrigeration and Desiccant Dryers.