We have just launched our new 24 page brochure featuring the use and application of Onsite Nitrogen Generation in the Food Industry for Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP), Food Storage and Transportation, Marine Transport and Liquids and Ingredients – Beverage Production, Beer Dispensing, wineries – in Steel and Metals Fabrication Applications, Laser Cutting, Welding and Brazing – Plastics Industry Applications including, Injection Moulding and Blanketing for Adhesive Curing – Oil and Garfield industry – Electronics Applications for wave soldering and reflow soldering – a host of Laboratory Applications.

IATT Onsite Nitrogen Generators offer you a less expensive, safe and environmentally sound solution compared to traditional nitrogen gas tank and cylinder gas storage. Onsite generation of nitrogen is a fraction of the costs of gas cylinders or tanked in supplies.

Nitrogen Generators are available for small lab based systems and medium size applications to large plant systems offering low to high flow capabilities. IATT are Solutions Providers for nitrogen gas generation plant and will handle your project needs from initial concept to installation through ongoing service and support.