Nitrogen is widely used in the preparation, production and packaging of foods. Oxygen if present in food packaging can cause spoilage, the growth of moulds, yeast and aerobic bacteria and cause impairment of taste.

Food goes bad, it goes sour, becomes mouldy and smells – it’s a fact we all know. Without the use of preservatives it is a challenge for food manufacturers to prepare, store and transport their produce to the consumer in the very best condition. This is where Modified Air (MA) and Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) using nitrogen comes into its own.

Modified Atmosphere Packaging is one of the most reliable ways of extending the shelf life of fresh food products, first used in the 1970’s in the UK and Denmark for the safe transportation of meat and dairy produce, it has now become an established technology for food packaging.

Using Nitrogen to modify or substitute the atmospheric air inside of food packaging as a protective gas mix. it helps the product to stay fresh for a long as possible – it maintains freshness, quality and extends shelf-life.

The benefits of Onsite Nitrogen Generators for Food Packaging include:

  • Longer Shelf Life – Adding nitrogen to the packaging extends shelf life considerably
  • Improved Quality – It has a positive affect on flavour and appearance
  • Better Transportability – Adding positive nitrogen pressure eliminates package collapse
  • Reliability – Nitrogen Generators are very efficient and operate automatically
  • Exact Requirements – Generate exactly what you need when you need it
  • High Quality Nitrogen – High purity nitrogen gas and food grade nitrogen up to 99.9999% purity
  • Savings in Running Costs – Costs savings of up to 80% compared to conventional supplies
  • Control Costs – no gas vendor price increases or contracts
  • Rapid Payback – low running costs with low cost price of nitrogen supply
  • Safe Working – no high pressure gas cylinders or tanks
  • Improved Work Area Space – no hazardous storage areas needed for cylinders
  • Constant Supply of Nitrogen – no tanker deliveries needed – no downtime