IATT recently installed and commissioned a new on site turnkey Food Grade Nitrogen Generation package on the premises of a major food supplier in the South of England to replace a conventional bulk gas storage system.

From Initial enquiries in May 2011 – IATT project managed the entire process. To establish exactly how much Nitrogen the current production machines were using IATT installed and monitored data collection flow meters to the original N2 pipe work system.

Once this data was collected and collated, IATT produced detailed graphs to the end user showing when the plant was at low and high production periods. This information also highlighted the average daily consumption of Nitrogen allowing the end user to glean an accurate assessment of current production levels and proposed future requirements.

IATT were then asked to provide a proposal for a turnkey Nitrogen Generator package, inclusive of New Compressors, Dryers, Filtration & N2 Generators. This package was to have capability for major expansion of the food processing plant over the next 4 years, the specification also required the provision of duty standby systems to ensure a 24/7 supply of nitrogen to the production areas.

Nitrogen Generation System Done in Record Time!

IATT were pleased to receive the order for the Nitrogen Generator and system during a meeting in the middle of June. The entire project was to be completed and commissioned by 25th July 2011. This was an extremely tight schedule to meet, however IATT and our business associates rose to the challenge as is our usual custom.

Installation of the Nitrogen Generator plant commenced on the 19th July and commissioning of the first unit took place on 22nd July 2011. Full system hand over to the end user was completed on the 25th July as requested.

The end user who Produces & Packages foods for the busy and demanding fast food network, is now equipped with a modern state of the art IATT on site food grade Nitrogen Generation System capable of providing uninterrupted N2 to production processes for many years to come.

IATT Regional Manager Roy Brooks stated “IATT have again shown we are able to provide Service Excellence and continually meet our customers’ expectations. In association with our business partners we have provided our end user with a high qualitynitrogen (N2) generator system, capable of meeting all his N2 requirements now and long into the future”.