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The IATT Solution to Your Wet and Dirty Compressed Air.

Compressed air by nature is wet and contaminated with dirt from the atmosphere,
that’s the way it is!

If you are using compressed air straight from a compressor, chances are you are struggling to keep it clean and dry. It causes rust, adds dirt and water/oil emulsion into your pipework, air tools and worst of all, it will damage your products and processes.

When the weather is humid and warm or when it’s cold and damp compressed air poses an problem of water getting into your system. Once compressed air contamination is on your product it’s damaged and often unsalable. It causes downtime and stops you focussing on what your good at.

What you need is an IATT compressed air drying package.

We offer a range of solutions: 

Pre Filtration

IATT offer pre filtration as a single or dual filtration system to remove dirt and liquids. Fitted after the compressor before the air is used is the best solution for a simple compressed air system.

Pre filters from ¼” BSP and larger pipe sizes.

Compressed Air Drying with I-DRY Compressed Air Refrigeration Dryers

When better quality are that is dry and free from water throughout the year is needed, then one of our I-DRY high efficient compressed air refrigeration dryers fitted with pre and after filters is the very best solution.

Compressed Air Refrigeration Dryers provide a simple and efficient way to reduce the air temperature causing water vapour in the compressed air to condense which is then removed from the system, ideally using Zero Loss Automatic Drains for optimal efficiency. Refrigeration Dryers provide a typical Pressure Dew Point (PDP) of +3 °C making them suitable for a multitude of general drying duties from small to large volumes of compressed air.

Refrigeration Dryers for small, medium and large flow rate applications.

Final and Point-of-Use Filtration

For a complete solution that will remove solid particles of dirt, water and oil from the compressor, then final filters after the I-DRY and when needed point-of-use filtration provides the safety needed to ensure clean a compressed air system where and when you need it.

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