Water Chillers

Chillers play an essential part of industrial and commercial processes requiring accurate water temperature control for cool and cold-water applications. IATT provide a wide range of water chillers to suit applications in the packaging, food, dairy, beverage, automotive, pharmaceutical, manufacturing & air conditioning processes.

Designed for both indoor & outdoor applications, the range of Friulair Chillers available through IATT provide the highest quality design which is a result of decades of experience in manufacturing water chillers for the refrigeration industry.

Friulair chillers are some of the most robust and reliable chillers available, and IATT are proud to offer them to our UK customers. With a dedicated team of service engineers, we also provide the maintenance and servicing of Friulair chillers across the UK, providing you with total reassurance for the reliability of your chiller and water refrigeration systems.

Industrial Chillers
With a wide range of models available, finding the right water chiller is quick and easy. The range of indoor & outdoor industrial chillers provide cooling capacities from anywhere as low as 1kW right up to 570kW, to suit most cooling applications.

Suitable for industrial processes and air conditioning plant, these durable chillers provide year-round operation with energy saving features to provide reliable water cooling.


Comfort Chillers
Comfort chillers are designed to provide cooling capacities from 10kW up to an impressive 1200kW. Designed primarily for comfort cooling, these outdoor water chillers are ideal for small to large industrial air conditioning systems.

Friulair Air Fluid Coolers are also designed for closed circuit cooling of various process liquids in the food, power, process and general industries.


Dry Coolers
Consisting of several large air cooled water heat exchangers, Dry Coolers are capable of producing cooling capacities of 10kW up to an impressive 1200kW.

Designed for industrial applications, Dry Coolers are suitable for closed circuit cooling of various process liquids like food, power, process and general industries.

Models: CDC

Heat Pumps
The HEN range of Heat Pumps are designed for use in the wineries & breweries to provide precision control of water temperatures. Designed to provide capacities from 10kW to 95kW, these robust heat pumps are designed to operate over long periods of time with varying load demands.

Models: HEN

Biogas Systems
Biogas is the gas emitted from organic biomasses such as methane from landfill, plant or animal waste. Before these gasses can be used, they must go through a process of filtration to remove water vapour and impurities.

Biogas system features include process chillers, heat exchangers and condensate separators, with the option of being equipped with particle filters. The systems can be assembled and mounted on compact skids for installation.

Friulair Biocool is a treatment system designed to produce 5kW-58kW capacity of gas cooling capabilities.


You can trust IATT have the right water chiller to suit your application. With decades of experience in the supply, installation and servicing of process plant equipment, we are here to provide the right water chiller solution for you! Contact a member of our team for more information...

IATT supply, install and service Water Chillers using our dedicated team of factory trained engineers strategically located throughout the UK.

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