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IATT Ltd recently supplied, installed and commissioned two onsite turnkey Gas Generation packages at one the nation’s largest and most successful bottled gas companies, one for the generation of Nitrogen (N2) and the other for the generation of Oxygen (O2).

In partnership with one of the UK’s newest and brightest compressed air distributors’ we worked closely together to install modern cost effective onsite gas generator systems to enable this national distributor of bottled gas to meet the growing demand for their products.

The client stated: “Traditional ranges of gas bottles for home energy, especially for rural areas, now encompass new areas such as engineering services, alfresco living, and automotive fuels”.

The installation of Onsite Turnkey reliable energy efficient IATT Nitrogen and Oxygen Gas Generator systems, will allow the client to continue to repair and recycle used gas cylinders without interruption.

The Nitrogen Generator, an IATT PN1650, will be used to blanket the cylinders whilst hot work refurbishment is carried out.

The Oxygen Generator, an IATT PO3000, will be used to supply O2 to Oxy/Propane torches used to heat the gas bottles during refurbishment.

IATT Ltd Regional Manager Roy Brooks stated: “This project was an extremely interesting area of industry to be involved with, it was especially pleasing to be able to supply this customer with both Oxygen and Nitrogen generators which have and will provide them with onsite generated gases for many years to come”.

As well as Onsite Nitrogen, Hydrogen and Oxygen Gas Generation systems, IATT also supply, install and service all types of compressed air filtration, desiccant & refrigeration dryers and ancillary equipment. With their own team of factory trained engineers located throughout the UK providing rapid response to client requests for maintenance, the company pride themselves on – Service Excellence!

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Published: 2014

IATT supply, install and service using our dedicated team of factory trained engineers strategically located throughout the UK.

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