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Unique Compressed Air Dryer Controllers
The IATTRONIC Dryer Controller, developed and manufactured by Independent Air Treatment Technology Ltd., will transform your existing desiccant dryer and enable it to operate using the latest PLC controller for energy savings, better control and improved reliability.

The IATTRONIC Dryer Controller is a new concept in compressed air dryer technology control offering you an easy to fit and install unit to most modular and twin tower heatless desiccant air dryers to replace redundant cam-timers. The controller can be used as a basic control system or an advanced dew point  monitoring and suspension system.

The IATTRONIC monitors and controls the dryer using proven PLC technology and state of the art dew point  measurement. The unit can control up to five solenoid valves. Energy savings are made by the reliable and efficient monitoring and control of the dryer – when dew point  set point is reached the dryer is turned off.

Flexible Control
The IATTRONIC Compressed Air Dryer Controller is a totally flexible controller – the cycle time can easily be programmed to match any desiccant dryer. It works by constantly monitoring and displaying the current dew point  being delivered by the dryer.

If for example the dryer has reached the desired set dew point  of better than –40°C, the IATTRONIC Dryer Controller will switch off and close the exhaust valves. The dryer will continue operating in this condition until the dew point  increases to –39°C. At this point the dryer will restart and revert back to the original cycle time. During this suspended cycle time no purge air is used for regeneration thereby utilising more of the desiccant bed giving you significant energy savings.

A built in safety feature enables the IATTRONIC Dryer Controller to determine if the dew point  were to reach a maximum pre-set level the controller would cycle the dryer on a rapid cycle to aid recovery. This rapid cycle can be manually switched off at any time, which would revert the cycle back to a fixed cycle time.

Features and Benefits:

  • Energy savings of up to 80%
  • Dryer Control and Monitoring at Your Fingertips
  • Simple to fit and install
  • Realistic Payback in less than 12 months
  • Quantified energy savings and hours run
  • Adjustable cycle time to suit all H/L dryers
  • Constant pressure dew point display
  • Alarm warning
  • Service warning
  • Voltage range 65V – 265V
  • IP65 enclosure – safely eliminating ingress of water and contaminants

IATT supply, install and service IATTRONIC Compressed Air Dryer Controllers using our dedicated team of factory trained engineers strategically located throughout the UK.

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